Cannabinoids for Arthritis

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Hemp cannabinoids for arthritis

Until recently, herbal cannabis was never a subject of mainstream medicine, thus it was poorly studied for potential therapeutic properties. But apparently, there are more and more evidences that Hemp possess multiple health benefits. Scientists believe that most of the medical properties of cannabis herb derived from THC and CBD phytocannabinoids.

Some strains of cannabis are more rich in THC (usually called "recreational Marijuana"), while others have CBD rich  content (found in Hemp). Many pharmaceutical companies have in their pipelines drugs based on CBD and THC cannabinoids. For example, Zynerba is developing a medical gel that will contain CBD for Osteoarthritis treatment, etc.

Fresh Hemp for Arthritis

But we would like to focus on raw Hemp, or Hemp products like Hemp seeds or Hemp oil as dietary supplements for arthritis prevention and treatment.  For example, by including fresh Hemp and raw Hemp seeds in your diet, you will get not only useful CBD cannabinoids, but also Vitamin E, D3, B3, B6, Iron, Calcium and fiber.  There are plenty Hemp recipes in internet.  We also recommend to try a fresh Hemp juicing that is very rich in CBDa up to 50 mg in 100 ml. Just don't forget to add some oils in Hemp salad or Hemp juice. Oil will help CBD to dissolve and CBD will be better absorbed. 

Hemp oil for arthritis

In case you don't like taste of fresh Hemp, you can incorporate in your diet Hemp seed oil rich in CBD. It is not good for cooking, because of low smoking point, so better to use it straight without heating. By mixing Hemp oil with cream or balm, you can apply it directly on a skin. That may also reduce pain associated with arthritis.   

Hemp oil benefits for arthritis based on assumptions that CB2 endocannabinoids receptors are suppressed secretion of inflammatory signals and thus, pain is reduced. But more study is needed in order to maximise benefit of cannabinoids treatment.

Many nutritionist and wellness experts claims health benefit of hemp oil for high blood pressure and prevention of heart diseases. Clinical study linked it with CB1 endocannabinoid activity that is involved in cardiovascular regulations, but more research are needed. 

Pineapple for Arthritis

What makes pineapple diet works for arthritis and osteoporosis is enzyme Bromelain, which relieving pain and improving joint function. While bromelain is found in all pineapple tissues, but the highest concentration of it is usually observed in the hard stem of the pineapple, so don't throw it away.

It plays an important role in the pathogenesis (origin) of arthritis. Bromelain has analgesic properties which are thought to be the result of its direct influence on pain mediators such as bradykinin. Currently Bromelain is under investigation as potential anticancer agent, due to its direct impact on cancer cells microenvironment, as well as on the modulation of immune, inflammatory, and haemostatic systems. 

Pineapple detox is very popular weight loss diet among wellness experts and nutritionists. You can find plenty recipes and recommendation in internet, but our favourite is coctail mix of Hempfy and fresh pineapple juice. 

To summarise it, we strongly recommend to consider Hemp and Pineapple diet for prevention purposes, particular in case some of your family members have arthritis or some other inflammatory autoimmune diseases. In case you already diagnosed with these illnesses, Hemp and Pineapple diet could be a great support along with traditional medications and help reduce painful symptoms.