BeeDoo and Hempfy combining their efforts to raise capital and more…

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Beedoo and Hempfy combining their efforts to raise capital and more…

At the beginning of November, 2017 Hempfy and BeeDoo, Swiss private equity placement platform, organized a soiree for private and institutional investors by presented a first round (series A) of capital raising efforts. To find out more, please visit

Who is Hempfy?

Hempfy is a Swiss start-up that produces cannabis based beverages for the mass consumer market. The company launched three different drinks, designed to be consumed either as standalone tonic drinks or as mixers for alcohol, and already managed to secure over 500 points of sale, which include retailers like Manor and Coop.

Hempfy cannabis drink at and Switzerland

Why invest in Hempfy?

With Hempfy, investors have the opportunity to invest in the cannabis industry, worth $20 billion globally. The cannabis plant is becoming more accepted by the general public and governments internationally. It is also being explored through R&D for the multiple health benefits which cannabis plant potentially delivers.

Hempfy’s traction so far is impressive: in less than a year, the company developed three different products and secured two of the biggest retailers in Switzerland as points of sale (Manor and Coop). The company has been selected by Genilem as an innovative start-up, in recognition of Hempfy’s innovative business model, management talent and capacity to become a global brand.

Growth potential is striking. Hemp industry is now being seen as a new source of growth for food and beverage industry around the globe. Producer of Corona beer has recently invested $190 million to acquire nearly 10% of hemp industry in Canada. As a matter of fact, similar companies have been acquired recently: Coca-Cola acquired Vitamin Water for $4.1 billion, Pepsico acquired Kevita for $200 million while Reignwood acquired 25% of Vita Coco for $166 million.

Hempfy products

What makes Hempfy different?

  • Innovative business model: Different from competitors, Hempfy introduces an entirely new element for mass market beverages: Additives like caffeine, taurine, catechin, quinine, have already reached market saturation. In other words, beverage industry is developing horizontally – making products by using same ingredients and experimenting with different methods of fermentation, while Hempfy introduces a novelty on the market .
  • Proven technology: Hempfy is the only company to produce a hemp based drink that uses a raw plant infusion of cannabis to form the natural basis of the beverage. This new approach makes Hempfy a pioneer in its field.
  • Taste: Working with Swiss renowned oenologists, Hempfy secured its drinks a delicate and refined taste that appeals to a broad range of customers and makes a perfect match for a successful mass-market beverage.
  • The “Swiss made” factor: Hempfy is one of the few companies whose production is 100% Swiss. This guarantees a higher quality product, and instills trust in international markets. 

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