Hempfy cannabis drink in local press

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Hempfy cannabis drink article in Bilan magazine Switzerland

Bilan is a popular French language business journal, published an article about Hempfy cannabis drink

There was noted, that social perception about cannabis has been dramatically change recent in recent years. It is well know from history, cannabis was broadly used for multiple practical purposes, as textile, paper production or medicine.

But the idea of a soft drink from hemp come out of cannabis tea that has unique herbal taste. After diligent analyses and studies, two major Hempfy drinks were chosen. Hemfy bitter lime reflects more bitterness of natural cannabis plant. While Hempfy sweet lime has strong cannabis flavour, but it taste more softer and slightly lighter.

Hempfy cannabis soft drink that comes on the market, could be consumed fresh as it is, or accompanied by ice cubes, or in cocktail. Cannabis soda allows, indeed, many associations. The Hempfy cannabis drink consists of 25g / l of infused raw cannabis plants, spring water, essential oil from hemp and fructose (0% refined sugar).

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Hempfy cannabis drink  in local press

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