Hempfy is supported by Genilem Vaud-Genève

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Genilem Vaude Hempfy

For its 3rd Project Selection Committee of the year 2017, the GENILEM Vaud-Geneva association has awarded Hempfy project.

Thanks to David Narr, Director of Genilem Vaude-Geneva, also Business Development Coach of Hempfy project, we became a part of local start-up accelerator, supported not only by government institutions, but local prominent businesses. Genilem will now be on Hempfy side to support and guide trough development challenges. 

GENILEM is a non-profit organization founded in 1995. Its mission is to support the creation of young innovative companies in all fields. Created as a network, it collaborates with the other independent GENILEM offices in French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland.