Hempfy Bitter Lime drink, sachet 180 ml
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Hempfy Bitter Lime drink, sachet 180 ml

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Product Description:

Hempfy Bitter Lime tonic drink, sachet packaging, 180 ml

Hempfy cannabis tonic has great herbal taste due to direct infusion of fresh hemp. Small batch, artisanal production.

The beverage is made from natural ingredients and based on innovative infusion technologies. It can be easily combined with other drinks or used as a part of daily lifestyle.

Hempfy premium cannabis tonics are giving invigorating and refreshing sense of well-being.


Fresh Hemp Infusion, fructose, natural flavouring, citric acid. Not Carbonated. Hempfy Bitter lime hemp tonic is produced in Switzerland.


Drink fresh to top up during the day. To diversify the usage, you can put the bitter lime drink into cocktails. Take a look at our recipes.

Enjoy chilled!

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