Hempfy recharge water with Lithum&Terpenes

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Lithia water is defined as a type of mineral water characterized by the presence of lithium salts (as lithium carbonate or lithium chloride). Natural lithia mineral spring waters are rare, and there are few commercially bottled lithia water products. 

When Supermineral meets Superplants 

By mixing natural lithia water with Hempfy essential oil, reach in terpenes we achived not only refreshing herbal taste, but also poweful re-charge booster to human body and mind.

This water of legends is micro-nutrient rich energetic structured water that is ideal for active people and health-seekers alike who seek optimum cellular hydration.  Perfect for sports, yoga, and longevity.

Mood Booster and Sport Water

Scientific studies show more and more that the naturally occurring trace element lithium is a real pick-me-up and can help against depression, dementia and multiple sclerosis, among other things. Even small amounts obviously have a positive effect.

1). Lithium, as Mood Booster: lithium increases metabolism of feel-good hormone serotonin and thereby raises the mood, improve memory performance increase cognitive focus and rise mental alertness. Also, Lithium supports the formation of the myelin layer around the nerve cells. Low-dose lithium can help many people significantly reduced risk of developing dementia, Parkinson's, biopolar disorders, ADHD, addiction, anxiety disorders, aggressiveness or depression.

2). Cannabis terpens for pain and heache: Medicinal properties of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of Cannabis, and benefits in migraine, headache, and pain. Of cause, various genetic factors can predispose individuals to migraines. But recent medical studies sugest that terpenes from Cannabis have neuroinflammatory properties. Although the mechanism of action of many terpenes remains to be studied, the molecular targets of terpenes are highly desirable for finding target-specific anti-inflammatory drugs. 

3). Natural alkain water: 7.4 pH that is perfectly balanced with the human body made by nature. Help to sustaine alkaline pH buffer system in human body.

4). Rich Electrolytes - high hydration: drinking water deficient in electrolytes creates weak bio-electric conductivity that may weaken the body and immune system.

5). Detox: your liver uses Sulfate to produce Phase II conjugation enzymes that may help purge harmful fat-soluble toxins from your body, reducing toxin overload.

Hempfy recharge water terpenes cannabis water

Brain enhancer:  is your brain micro-nutrient deficient?