Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes
Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes
Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes
Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes
Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes

Hempfy natural chewing gum, 20 boxes

SFr. 45.00

Forget plastic. Hempfy is fantastic! 

Each display contains 20 boxes (24 gr in each box).

Chicle-based, biodegradable, nature-friendly, sugar-free, vegan friendly + non GMO.

The pleasant taste of cannabis gum unfolds from the first minute of consumption. 

Hempfy is devoted to create safe and innovative product to promote a healthy lifestyle without compromising unique taste or bespoken quality.

Hampfy natural gum has natural base, no synthetic plastic/polymers.

This is chicle-based chewing gum, derived from chicle - tropical evergreen tree native to Mexico and Central America. 

Both the Aztecs and Maya traditionally chewed chicle. It was chewed as a way to stave off hunger, freshen breath, and keep teeth clean. Chicle was also used by the Maya as a filling for tooth cavies.

By using chicle in Hempfy gum, we give a chance to preserve rainforest, home for many wild animals and birds, from being cut. Hempfy stands with local farmers against cruel deforestation in the region and promotes sustainable forest management with other environmental organisation.  

Biodegradability of Hampfy natural gum. 

Chicle base makes Hempfy gum completely biodegradable, zero-waste and safe for environment. The nutrients of the decomposed gum even enhance soil. 

Hempfy natural gum is one of the best product on the market if you are truly concerned about:

  • healthy alternative, not synthetic polymers
  • preserving rainforest and wildlife
  • clean environment, taking to account biodegradability of Hempfy gum. 

Sugar-Free gum

Chewing sugar-free gums is a convenient way to increase salivary flow. Salivary flow increases in response to both gustatory (taste) and mechanical (chewing) stimuli, and chewing gum can provide both of these stimuli.

With 100% xylitol, this diabetic friendly gum is safe to enjoy without spiking blood sugar levels & helps get the saliva going. Made with high quality ingredients without compromising taste. 

As well as tasting delicious, supporting traditional livelihoods by helping to conserve precious rainforest! 

Make a responsible choice for the planet and a healthier yourself, choose HEMPFY! 

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